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Selecting The Right Furniture

Chances are that the living room is the first place in your house that you will usher guests into before showing them the rest of the house. Besides, the living room is the place in your house where your family will spend most of their time together. Therefore, it is only natural to want your living room to feel cozy and warm at all times. With this in mind, it is paramount that you pick furniture that not only blends well with the ddcor used in the room, but pieces of furniture that will endure the rigors of everyday life. Listed below are tips and guidelines on how to choose the right furniture for your home's style:

1. Plan
Before stepping out into the market to purchase furniture for your living room, start by making a plan. Making a plan entails:
- Taking Measurements: Take a tape measure and obtain the length and width of your living room. While taking measurements, do not forget to take into consideration the sizes of recessed parts of the room.

- Develop a Floor Plan: When creating a floor plan, you can choose from classic layout, floating layout or dining layout. Opt for classic layout if the chairs in your living room are resting against the wall. In order to ensure that everything fits in place, use formal grid paper for designing the layout.

In addition to the above, do not forget to take into account the purpose of the living room. For example, will you be using the room for hanging out, or will you be using the room as a place for entertaining occasional guests?

2. Picking the Right Pieces
Listed below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when picking the furniture for your living room: - Begin with the basic elements: Coffee table, sofa, side table and armchair are just some examples of furniture found in most living rooms. Therefore, before incorporating excess furniture into your room, make sure that you have the basics.

- Invest in quality pieces: More than often, most consumers are distracted by trendy pieces. Sadly, what may seem trendy today may not necessarily be contemporary tomorrow. Hence, invest in furniture that you will feel proud to look at in the future.

Other factors that you need to keep in mind when picking the right pieces of furniture for your home include the quality of the fabrics and the theme used in your home. Do not forget to coordinate the different furniture pieces in the room.

3. Durability and Strength
Durability and strength are important traits if you want furniture that can last for a long time. Therefore, before making your selection, check if all the legs are of the same strength and the wood used can last for at least 10 years.

4. Opt for Loveseats
If you have a smaller house, why not choose a loveseat? Loveseats can only accommodate up to two people at a time, but you can still find something trendy for your house.

5. Find Fillers
If there is still space on your floor, look for filler furniture. Chests and ottomans are just some examples of filler furniture that you can use. You will be keen on filling empty spaces in your room, but you also need to exercise caution since filler furniture can easily make your home look crowded.

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Source: Forrest Furnishing

Source: Forrest Furnishings

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